Unreal Engine 4

This section shows a few of my finished projects and model rendered in Unreal engine 4, The church scene was to improve my modelling, scene creation and lighting from real world photographs and reference. With the main focus being on photorealism and adding depth and lots of context to a small scene. The castle scene was built over two days to improve my modular modelling skills and also to introduce substance designer into my workflow. 

This section shows my University Honours project, Modelled in Maya and Rendered in Unreal Engine 4. All the building are using a modular building set so they can be changed at any point. which then are textured using Photoshop and Quxiel Suite 2. 

Honours Project

Ue4 Projects

Makeshift Satellite Facility  

Programs used: Unreal 4, Maya and Photoshop.

Realistic Rendering

A Realistic rendering project creating real world spaces for VR components. This Example is for a sports VR app where the user can watch live and on demand sports games on their VR phone, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

Aurora - WIP Game  

This is a solo game project i have been working on for a few months, inspired by puzzle games and exploration games the player is placed in a mysterious but familiar setting, you can uncover a story and solve world based puzzles.

Sam Troth

Artist/ Programmer Uk 

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