Multiplayer Dog Fight

"Crash Course"

Programs used: Unity 5, C#, Maya and Photoshop.

VR Game Development

During a week I spent some time making some VR apps and games within Unity 5.4, I used a makeshift Vive which consisted of a Oculus DK2, 2 Playstation move controllers and 2 Playstation eye camera's.

Firstly I started out by making a remake of Fruit ninja in VR so Model cutting and spawning while controlling two swords with each hand controller.

Secondly I worked on a Bob Ross styled VR game where you can paint along with the selected Joy of painting episode.


Then I worked on a Drum kit app where you can play the drum within Unity by hitting the drums and cymbals  with the hand controllers.

Lastly I worked on a wave based Zombie survival game. This had a working rifle, wave based zombies, 3 types of zombies walkers, crawlers and runners.

Videos of the projects are below.

Dead Storm                                                   Bob Vross

Personal Project - Route 100

Route 100 is a narrative exploration game set in the 1960's Nevada Desert, Players will be able to uncover a story about a missing person who had disappeared from her home two weeks ago, you are following a lead which has placed you in Nevada and you hope to find her, the player will explore areas of interest taking photos of the surrounding area and important items which are linked to the missing girl. these will unlock parts of the story and is upto you to put the clues together and find out where she has gone, and why she left her life behind in the first place.

Jambear - Ludum Dare

Jambear is a game a group of friends and I created for the Ludum dare 37 the game was place #307 overall and in the top 200 for art and audio. the basis of the games was a 2D auto scroller which made the player react quick on their feet and had challenging platforming elements. I produced the level design, programming,  technical art and everything else in Unity.

(Art by Emil Duxbury and Audio by Pierre Flasse).

Sam Troth

Artist/ Programmer Uk 

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